Puerto Rico Expansion
May 25, 2016

BELLEVUE, WA April 2016 — Bluehawk Consulting, a global management consulting and a leading business advisory firm announces its expansion to Puerto Rico. This expansion provides a comprehensive line of service offering including software development, strategy, change management, program management, business process management, marketing and communications. Our goal is to help organizations create greater business value through innovative solutions that result in profitability and long-term sustainability. We pride ourselves on our ability to drive measurable results to help our clients move their business forward. Over the last five years, Bluehawk Consulting has become a widely recognized provider of outsourced services across a wide range of geography, disciplines and industries. The company currently has operations in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Middle East and Africa.

Bluehawk Consulting is dedicated to addressing the expanding needs of our global clients. This expansion will enhance Bluehawk Consulting’s ability to deliver value with an informed perspective on the issues and challenges of the region. We’re confident our expertise and distinctive approach will result in shorter delivery timelines and better results.

Bluehawk Consulting’s Puerto Rico team will be led by JD Gaffney, who has developed outsourced solutions for Bluehawk Consulting customers across a wide range of geographies.

--- May 25, 2016