How Do You Measure Success?
May 24, 2016

Metrics, KPIs, performance indicators, measurements – you see these terms are everywhere in today’s business world. The concept is fairly simple in that you determine what things can be tracked to show your progress against a goal or set of goals. The “magic” is in picking the right things to track, determining your data sources and figuring out how to best view the data.

Assembling these individual metrics into Dashboards can take things even further as you evaluate the coordinated movement of the individual metrics and start to see connections, trends, which metrics are lagging, which are leading and what stories they tell as an aggregate. Take these dashboards into your review meetings and everyone is now evaluating performance against data rather than just anecdotal information and emotion.

These Dashboards can be used at many levels:

  • A company level dashboard showing corporate performance
  • A dashboard for a managed service team showing the team’s performance to a predefined service level agreement (SLA)
  • Project-based dashboards to show progress on a key new program implementation
  • Dashboards for internal departments showing how rollout of new initiatives has moved the dial on employee engagement, talent acquisition, customer support or sales improvement


Our teams have become adept at helping clients navigate the waters of measurement to put this to use early in their engagements so that we can all see progress along the way.

--- May 24, 2016