About Us

Committed to building a better future
We are committed to building a better world with increased trust in business, sustainable growth, development of talent, and greater collaboration among our consultants, clients, and the community at large. We truly believe that success is best realized as a team. Contact us to learn more about us.
Our Story

Bluehawk Consulting is a global management consulting firm focused on unlocking potentials through strategic planning and focused execution for clients across a wide range of industries. Established in 2011, the founders of Bluehawk Consulting set out to build a firm that is equipped with capabilities to deliver great value with meaningful impact for our clients, our people, and our communities. We recognize that our people are the key to our client success; that is why we assemble the right people with the right experience to help clients across the globe.


We deliver a consistent set of services based on deep industry knowledge and focused service offerings. Our service offering and industry focus helps us develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and provides us with the insight, skills, and resources to address specific challenges and opportunities. Our clients count on us to help them transform their challenges into possibilities with long-term value. We know how to anticipate, collaborate, and innovate to create opportunities from these challenges.


Our ‘Shared Success’ motto means we measure our success by the enduring success of our clients, our people, and the community at large. We help our clients make lasting improvements and realize their most important goals by creating long-term value and delivering impactful results.

Our Team
Executive Leadership
Tami Martin

One of Bluehawk Consulting’s founding partners, Tami is responsible for managing the company, formulating and executing long-term strategies, ...

Zach Hopkins

With over 29 years of experience in various leadership roles, Zach brings a deep understanding and a unique perspective to ...

Ermias Sehai
Regional Managing Director

Ermias has over 29 years of proven experience in ...

Hanna Gebrekristos
Market Development Manager

Hanna brings new energy and insight to our team in Ethiopia. She has been instrumental in developing our market ...


Bluehawk is a true and genuine service provider and a supportive partner. I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service they provided my team. They are extremely organized, efficient, and always willing to go the extra mile. They are focused on building strong relationships with their teams, which in turn, creates an environment conducive to productivity. They are at the top of their game when it comes to delivery and resource allocation. Thank you, Bluehawk!


Bluehawk provides an all-round great service and customer experience. We transitioned to Bluehawk as our chosen Managed Service provider for Business Operations. The transition went smoothly with no bumps. They continually informed me and my team about the service status and came up with ideas to make the service better. Thank you all for being a great partner and making our day to day jobs much easier.

Client Sponsor

I had the pleasure of working closely with Bluehawk to change our model from a collection of random contractors to a Managed Service engagement. Their flexibility, their ability to flow with changes easily, partnering and standing behind their commitments was remarkable. They continue to grow and evolve as we do, making change easier to manage. The Bluehawk management team is top notch and so is their workforce. I would recommend partnering with Bluehawk for any and all of your service needs.

Program Manager

I worked with Bluehawk consultants for over two years on business planning.  The Bluehawk team has gone through two successful Midyear Reviews, two full planning cycles as well as several LT level strategic engagements. Their project management support was a critical factor to landing all these big strategic projects successfully. Their team members are extremely professional, able to anticipate potential pitfall and recommending mitigations before a problem arises.  They have a broad range of profiles able to match different needs. I very much appreciated their flexibility and transparency throughout the various projects.  Thank you for being such a great partner!

I have worked closely with a group of Bluehawk consultants for the last two years. They are highly professional across the board in all their interactions with all levels of management and staff. They are excellent project managers with deep understanding of their subject matter. Given the multiple work streams we had to deal with in Role Excellence and Business Planning activities, they supported our work by making sure quality work is completed and delivered on time while making sure all dependencies are covered and orchestrated. They had assembled a very resourceful team of consultants and I strongly recommend them for their service offering.


I’ve worked with a Bluehawk team of consultants for over five years.  I’ve hired them for many short and long-term projects of varying degrees of complexity.  They have always delivered great people with diverse skills that can deliver in a dynamic environment. I will certainly use them again – I highly recommend Bluehawk!


The Bluehawk team provides a gold standard of excellence in resourcing and partnership. Their engagement/relations team is deeply involved, professional, and flexible in meeting our team’s goals, particularly within a landscape of changing conditions. In addition, their consultants on assignment have proven to drive value and results for the business, enriching the experience of our key stakeholders.  Thank you Bluehawk for your continued partnership!

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Citizenship Report

The Bluehawk Consulting Corporate Citizenship Report reflects our contribution to positively impact our environment, society and the communities we serve during a calendar year. These reports showcase our environmental initiatives, employee volunteerism, charitable giving and sustainability programs. These reports are in PDF format and available through the link below.